Strategic intention for the development of leadership skills and the union of people in a group:
Bizpiration "for motivating and activating people as a result of challenge". Think big, enlarge your resilience and your power to interprete signals.
Share knowledge and innovate together within a positive business contact, by which trust is one of the important keys to succes!

Measurable and visible performance

  • Result-oriented and people-focused organisational advice to make your company even better and more successful through intuitive management and business practice.
  • Results at the business, team and individual level by focusing on people and working from the right dynamic.

You want to achieve cost efficiency (to offer the lowest prices), quality (to be the best), distinctiveness (to be different) or growth (to be bigger). Now it’s time to TAKE ACTION with the whole company. You receive personal support for more balance, intuitive management and business practice. Making smart choices in your activities by combining the business focus with quality of life. Obtaining improved performance based on the talents and qualities of the individual. Seeing and creating more business opportunities by realising a common balance. Then making the right choices, so that you can obtain higher yields from your business activities.

Strategic choices

  • Drawing up a well-supported strategic plan in management sessions. Creating a balance between risk and security in the organisation through performance-oriented and people- focused coaching with a drive for success.
  • Growth and change through people-oriented performance management with a priority plan.

Marketing activities

  • Well-thought-out marketing communication with process support to client-focused marketing resources through network.
  • Actually inspiring movement among the employees in accordance with the marketing strategy.

Organisational change

  • Developing strategic human resource policy such that HR performance matches up with the goals of the organisation: stimulating the knowledge, intentions and ability of the employees at an individual level, geared towards the company objectives.
  • Support in developing structure and systems (procedures) from your company’s own core values.
  • Cultural change and eliminating resistance to change.

Team coaching

  • Working towards common goals in team sessions. From team growth and individual growth to successful performance and high returns.
  • Strengthening communication between the parties and jointly promoting success through improved mutual understanding.

Business coaching

  • Coaching based on people-focused and result-oriented leadership. Successful management through a balance between intuition, reasoning, communication and action.
  • Business coaching based on business goals and quality of life.


  • Rediscovering effective communication in conflicts, process support to continue the partnership with new élan.
  • Setting specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-specific goals in a joint agreement that is concluded to the satisfaction of the parties involved.


  • Learning and implementing through performance management and competency management.
  • A practical project approach at management level.