Conflict resolution between business owner and employee

No amount of time spent on recruitment and selection can rule out future conflicts between an employer and an employee. Before obtaining legal advice, however, you can try to resolve the situation together. This is often the least expensive option, and the best solution for the company. Bizpiration offers support in analysing interests, translating emotions into specific goals and converting energy into the results desired by both parties. The situation is resolved to the satisfaction of the parties involved, so that you, the employer, can reap the benefits in the long term as well.

Resolving conflicts within the management team

By discussing team conduct and individual behaviour, Bizpiration offers clear insight into the underlying dynamics. Why do we feel empty, angry or attacked during meetings? Why do we react like we do, and how can we resolve our differences to refocus on our common goals? Bizpiration serves as a mediator in tense situations. We create opportunities by dealing with differences of opinion in a constructive manner. Different perspectives evolve into mutual understanding, and a self-managing team is created.

Mediation in partnerships with other companies

Conflict is a chance for renewal, even if the parties involved are not seeing eye to eye. How do you realign your people to help them focus on their shared objectives? Bizpiration creates the framework for this through mediation and guidance for successful cooperation. You can expect honest and independent support from us.