Strengthening leadership through personal coaching and management team support

Providing support to a management team member for effective leadership, paired with behavioural feedback during management sessions. We discuss response patterns within the team. This work is close to Bizpiration’s heart. In process support, you receive the opportunity for further personal development, while team development takes place at the same time. Each person in the team undergoes individual development through personal coaching processes, educational programmes and business management training, and by removing blockades. The combination of these activities will have a significant impact on your company. Bizpiration will develop a tailor-made approach that fits in with your company’s implementation process.

Modernising organisation and business processes

HR (‘People’) policy is one of the five P’s of marketing and is a success factor for a growing business. Process support reveals whether employees know what is expected of them, whether they want to do this, and if they can. The in-depth component focuses on determining how resistance can be eliminated, such as by culture sessions in groups. Specifically, for you as a business owner, this can also involve support in developing the organisational structure and assistance with holding staff interviews. Bizpiration also works to attain the correct balance between people, equipment and resources. Where can savings be achieved, and how can work take place more efficiently? These are questions that Bizpiration is happy to answer for and with you. Taking result-oriented action to achieve better performance at the business, team, and individual level through a specific approach and in a practical priority framework during implementation.