Personal coaching

Offering new insights and positively influencing an individual’s personal balance have top priority.
Personal growth. Combining self-reflection with the drive to continually innovate provides you with the experience of dedicated passion for your goal. As you gain increased mastery over your technique, you will enjoy the process more and more.

Bizpiration has worked with experience since 2002, employing techniques such as Rational Emotive Training (therapy), the ideas of Steven R. Covey, Core Reflection and NLP. Trustworthy contact makes it possible to break through personal blockades. A coaching process with Bizpiration has specific goals and a clear number of sessions, including follow-up.

Business coaching

Personal effectiveness is determined by personal balance and clear business management goals. We apply methods from a business management vision to provide you with in-depth guidance as a business owner and/or manager, aligned with your professional field and the sector. You will be given a sounding board for important business decisions.

Learning more about yourself is part of the analysis. The follow-up takes place using Bizpiration’s own coaching product. Coaching and training, such as role play, will assist you in addressing the challenge.

Team coaching

Acquiring an in-depth understanding of people and recognising various characters: that is the added value of Bizpiration. The desired result is achieved by identifying different interests in combination with suitable feedback and the proper timing. The goal is to repair relationships and restore the balance within the organisation or in a team. You can innovate together through a process of dialogue, without jeopardising mutual understanding and harmony. The central point of departure is always to cooperate effectively and in a target-oriented manner.

Bizpiration can develop a tailor-made communication training programme in a custom proposal for your organisation. Another option is jointly working on a strategic approach and receiving simultaneous coaching on personal challenges. Whichever option you select, the goal is the same: everyone supporting and working towards achieving a collective goal. In this process, the participants will learn a lot about themselves and each other, enabling them to stay motivated to work towards the business objectives.